Michael B.

Dennis has become a friend to my family after having helped us secure my SSD benefits.

Armando A.

After I made the mistake of driving after having a few drinks, Dennis worked wonders with my DUI case. Thank you Dennis for helping me keep my license!

Kevin K.

At first we were concerned about dealing with an attorney. It was intimidating to think about. After meeting with Dennis, we walked out of his office incredibly optimistic and excited that we were taking our lives back.

Meghan G.

My husband and I bought a new home and it was riddled with problems. Our Realtor recommended that we contact Dennis and he was able to get us and the sellers to an agreement. Thank you Dennis.

Sylvia Z.

My business was so far in debt. Dennis offered his suggestions, and it didn't take me more than 5 seconds to decide what to do. Now I look back and realize just how right Dennis was. Thank you Dennis for everything.

Jayman R.

Dennis isn't the kind of attorney you work with and never meet. He was hands-on with our case and always available to answer our questions.

Nial J.

I tried at first to handle my Social Security Disability application myself. After weeks of being ignored and then finally denied, I called Dennis. I had my SSD check much earlier than I ever thought! Incredible work Dennis!

Jonathan H.

We were facing foreclosure. With the mortgage payment and all of our other debt, it was impossible to dig out of that hole on our own. Dennis showed us the way, handled it for us, and we are still in our home today. Thank you Dennis!

Michelle A.

My husband was injured and unable to work for months. My income alone couldn't carry the household bills. We called Dennis, he got my husband his SSD and the rest is history! Thank you Dennis for all your work!!!

Cooper A.

If you're looking for an attorney who is more than a talking head on TV, call Dennis Leahy. He's the best. We refer him to everybody who needs legal help.

Stephanie W.

My family couldn't afford my husband being off work due to an injury for 6 months. We had to do something. Dennis helped us do it.

Ferguson D.

Creditors were calling non-stop. We got in way over our heads with debt. Dennis took care of our mistakes. Thank you Dennis!

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