Are creditors harassing you or are you facing foreclosure?


Attorney Dennis Leahy has filed hundreds of Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions on behalf of clients who have experienced financial hardships. Problems in the economy have forced many people out of jobs or to part-time status.

Foreclosures, medical bills, divorce and credit card debt are all major factors that lead to financial problems.

Attorney Leahy will personally meet with you and discuss all of your financial options.

A bankruptcy petition can normally be filed within a few days after the client provides all information including pay stubs and tax returns. A credit report will help to identify all creditors.

Approximately thirty days after filing the bankruptcy petition, the debtor has to attend a meeting before a bankruptcy trustee. Creditors can appear and ask questions, however, normally no creditors appear.

Approximately 60 days after the meeting, a discharge is entered and the debtor receives a fresh start. Accordingly, the entire process taxes about ninety days.

Fees for these matters are reasonable adn in many cases can be covered by a legal plan.

Attorney Leahy offers a free initial consultation. I would be happy to meet with you at your convenience and discuss your financial options. Please call 815-964-9600 or 815-494-4022.

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