Real Estate

Dennis Leahy has handled hundreds of residential and commercial real estate transactions. Attorney Leahy is a member of Attorney Title Guaranty and works closely wtih their title companies. Attorney Leahy can help a prospective buyer or seller draft a contract and work with Realtors and lenders.

Illinois law requires certain disclosures to protect both the buyer and the seller which Attorney Leahy will review in advance of closing. Attorney Leahy reviews all title work prior to closing and personally attends all closings.

Fees are normally paid at closing from proceeds from the sale or purchase and do not have to be paid in advance. Frequently, legal plans will cover attorney's fees.

Attorney Leahy offers a free initial consultation. I would be happy to meet with you at your convenience and discuss your financial options. Please call 815-964-9600 or 815-494-4022.


Thousands Have Trusted Attorney Dennis Leahy